Tracking / Overdubbing

We’re set up to record full bands with as much, or as little isolation as you desire. The studio is filled with a vast collection of instruments, gadgets, pedals, drums, noisemakers and oddball gizmos that are all available for recording. If you need musicians for your session, please ask us- we have a wide network of the best players in NYC!

Our studio is extremely well-maintained. Vintage equipment takes detailed attention to keep it sounding great. Our instruments, amplifiers, pre-amps, spring reverbs and compressors all maintain their integrity. 



We have 32 channels of discrete analog summing via Dangerous 2-Bus, hi-resolution Lynx Aurora digital converters, a variety of rare and highly sought-after compressor/limiters & effects, and an accurate high-quality mixing environment.

We offer mixing down to an analog ½" or ¼" head stacks on our Studer A80 Mk III tape machine and can deliver the reels to a reputable mastering engineer. Reels of tape can be found at and a 10-song album typically runs between 3-4 reels at 30ips.



We offer an in-house mastering service at a rate of $75/song, which includes one round of free revisions.  Along with the recorded material, we ask that you provide at least one or more reference mixes that you would like your master to be comparable to, in order to give us a general idea of the loudness you like and the sonic pallet you’re looking to accomplish. 


Film & Television

We’re set up to allow composers, musicians, actors and directors to track to picture while recording the score or doing voiceovers. We have a large 32" hi-def monitor in the control room for composers and directors, as well as a more compact hi-def LCD display for musicians and voice-over talent to track to in the live room.

For picture setup, movie files should be delivered in a DV-Stream. Quicktime Pro 7 is capable of converting .mov files to .dv format. If needed, we can do the converting for you but this process may take some time if converting an entire reel (or several).


Remote Sessions

We have a national and international client base who use our services.
We can accommodate long distance sessions in many ways, be it as simple as IM, email,
or an FTP service like Dropbox or WeTransfer.




To book a session, you can contact the studio directly at   718-360-9355 or by email.